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Treasure Hunt Liquidators

PDP Victrix Pro BFG Wireless Gaming Controller

PDP Victrix Pro BFG Wireless Gaming Controller

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Create the ultimate controller for any game using the reversible left module for either the standard PlayStation stick configuration, or offset sticks. Fans of fighting games can swap in the Fight Pad module to replace the right stick with 6 tactile microswitch buttons. Fit your play style by equipping your favorite D-pad, analog stick caps, or gates all conveniently stored in the included carrying case. With the free Victrix Control Hub app for PC you can map buttons, recalibrate sticks and triggers, adjust deadzones and EQ settings, run diagnostics, update firmware, and more. Using the four mappable back buttons, you can take down ops quickly and efficiently, plus create three button mapping profiles to maximize your speed in any game. Our patented, multi-position Clutch Triggers™ have five trigger stops and hair trigger mode to reduce travel distance so you can react even faster. With the Mode Switch, gamers can choose to play on PS5, PS4, or PC (using X input), while the Connection Switch on the back lets you toggle between wired and wireless mode. Experience the new standard in gaming with the officially licensed, Pro BFG Wireless Controller.


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