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HP USB-C Dock G5-8

HP USB-C Dock G5-8

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Get to work with the versatile, elegant, and space-saving HP USB-C Dock G5. Compatible with HP laptops, MacBook® computers, and other notebooks (2), this USB dock is great for organizing your desk with its small footprint and single-cable set-up. Whether it’s displays or other electronic accessories, your universal dock will assist with charging, data transfers, and networking between devices. (1) For USB-C® functionality, host PCs must support the DisplayPort™ Alt mode protocol through its USB-C® port. Thunderbolt™-enabled notebooks will function at USB-C® speeds. Charging and port replication is supported on notebooks that have implemented USB-C® industry specifications. Power button to turn on or wake the system, Wake-on LAN from warm and cold dock, Wake-on LAN from S4/S5, and MAC Address Pass-Through in S0, S3, S4, S5 warm and cold dock features only function on HP or HP-supported notebooks. HP does not provide Ethernet and audio drivers on Mac PCs. (2) Based on HP internal testing on select non-HP notebook models compatible with USB-C® industry standards. Certain Alt mode features are not supported, such as power button, MAC Address Pass-Through, Wake-on LAN, and OOB Wake on LAN. Visit the HP Support page to determine your HP notebook's wattage and port specifications. Visit the support page of your non-HP notebook to determine its wattage and port specifications. (3) Supports three displays including the notebook screen. (4) Internet connection required and sold separately. Managed PCs must be running Windows 10.


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