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Godox MS300 Series Professional

Godox MS300 Series Professional

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* Missing Fuses
Improve your photography with the unparalleled lighting created by the MS300 Series Compact Studio Flash with Built-In 2.4G Wireless X System by Godox. Ideal for studio photography, portrait, and still life photography, this flashlamp includes a 150-watt modeling lamp that ranges from 5 to 100 percent. With a precise output displayed on an LCD panel and an anti-preflash function that enables synchronization with cameras with a one-preflash firing system, you'll be able to refine your process and incorporate this product into your routine with ease. Enjoy the outstanding output stability, creating no more than 2-percent shifts and an auto memory and recovery system of adjusted panel settings, making setup a breeze from shoot to shoot. Awaken your creativity using this compact strobe light with the added ability to work as high light, background light, or hair light in small and medium studios. Install quickly with various Bowens mount light accessories such as softbox and use with any Godox flash with a built-in Godox wire X system to unleash the photographic possibilities at your fingertips. Discover new artistic possibilities in your photography studio with the MS300 Series Compact Studio Flash with Built-In 2.4G Wireless X System

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