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Blue Tees Golf Series 3 Max Rangefinder

Blue Tees Golf Series 3 Max Rangefinder

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Condition:  Lightly Used


  • Range: 900 yards
  • Accuracy: +/- 1 yard
  • Magnification: 7x


  • Adaptive Slope Switch Technology
    • Toggle in and out of Slope function (rangefinder is tournament legal when slope is disabled)
    • Slope distance is calculated and adjusted based on the incline/decline for "True Distance"
  • Auto Ambient Display Technology
    • Senses the amount of light in your environment
    • On a bright day, display shows black text and in darker, shaded environments it automatically changes to red text to more easily visualize and lock onto target
  • Pulse Vibration with Flag Lock Technology for vibrating feedback when it has isolated and locked onto the target


  • Built-in Magnetic Strip allows rangefinder to be secured to golf cart for easier accessibility
  • Water resistant to withstand rain and dew


  • Multi-coated 4K optics with 7x magnification and a proprietary visual display l



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