Our Suppliers

We buy truckloads of overstock & returns from big box retailers such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s & Costco. Each day all bin items are sold for a set price. Located in Raleigh and Goldsboro.

About treasurehunt

A Tik Tok inspired idea turned into a reality for the owners over at @treasurehuntliquidators and it’s been quite the success.They sell amazon, target, Lowe’s returned/overstock items and sell them to the public on truckloads. Go check them out for daily deals and treasured finds, located on Capital Boulevard!

Treasure Hunt can secure products at cavernous discounts because shipments arrive with some uncertainty. The store never knows what’s coming.

New shipments are displayed each Friday across several waist-high receptacles. In the frenzy for Friday’s best items, the organized bins are quickly jumbled. No matter what shoppers may find, they only pay $10.

Prices decrease throughout the week. By Wednesday, any remaining products cost just $1. The store is closed on Thursdays while staff unpack a new week’s arrivals. 

Amazon Truckloads

We buy truckloads of overstock, shelf pulls, and returns from big-box retailers such as Amazon, Target, Costco, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.

We unload all the goods from the trucks and offer them directly to you for 1 set price for bin items each day.

New truckloads arrive every Thursday and we restock all the bins and “Treasure Chest” every Thursday.

Amazon Truckloads

Treasure Chest

Some of the items coming from the truckload are designated to the “Treasure Chest” to be tested fully.

Once deemed fully functional they are sold at Guaranteed Lowest Prices In the Country.

Treasure Chest Items 7-day return policy.


We restock the bins ALL Friday and fully restock the bins on Saturday morning and all day on Saturday as well.

We restock the bins on Sunday morning and throughout the day!!!

Thousand of items are restocked Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday as well!!!

There are new treasures in the bins every day of the week!!!!

Tickting System

Ticketing System

Get in the line at 6 am Friday to get a ticket and save your place in line. Come back at 9 am to line up. This gives you the first opportunity to Hunt the Treasures.

All Bin Items Sales are final.

The Bins

From Friday to Wednesday everything that is in the bins would cost the price of the day.

Is separated into various categories from designer clothes to all types of technology.

You can also get a product from the treasure chest for just the bin price of the day!!!!

The Bins